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Howard A Perlman AIA

President and Founder of Perlman Architects

Architectural Designer in Nevada

Ken Powers

Architect, LEED AP, Principal, Phoenix

Jim Naven

Senior Planner, Director of Operations, Las Vegas

Orly Perlman

Executive, Project Manager

Jason M. Hoeg, RD

Director, Las Vegas

Brian S. Holman

Director, Las Vegas

Rick Salyer

Director, Las Vegas

Basel Kais

Director, Las Vegas

Helen Wallington

Senior Project Manager

Behind The Design

Our goal is to provide quality designs that balance function, cost & aesthetics while creating an environment that enhances the quality of life for those it serves. - Howard Perlman

Whether you need to make the most out of existing business or residential architectural design, or want to completely re-imagine your environment – Perlman Architects will design a space that perfectly complements the aims of your architectural design project in Nevada.

Since 1999, Perlman Architects has helped clients to reformulate the expectations for their environment. With original residential and commercial architectural design and master planning services that re-imagine the possibilities of space, combining functionality with 21st Century innovation.

From distinctive motifs capitalizing on linear shapes, to inviting spaces that capture the essence of their client’s vision, Perlman Architects will create and design an entirely unique master plan that fully embodies your organization. Our commercial architectural design team will help you re-envision office, industrial, and even manufacturing facilities, as well as creating the highest standards in hospitality, single and multi-family homes.

Centered in the constantly shifting architectural wonder that is Las Vegas, Nevada; Perlman Architects’ distinctive style and sensibility stands out even in this diverse landscape, earning them the accolades from both their clients and awards from such prestigious organizations as MAME, Homer, Gold Nugget, and NAIOP.

Take a moment to browse the site for a small selection of our distinguished projects across Las Vegas, NV, Phoenix, AZ and the greater southwest region. Or contact us with the details of your commercial or residential architectural design project to arrange for an initial consultation and assessment.

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